A Detailed Guide to Buying Mobile Covers and Cases

Guide Buying Mobile Cover

“People Will Stare Make it Worth Their While” – TOM FORD.

What Tom Ford once said famously, as a matter of fact, does hold true. Whenever you style yourself make sure that you make it worth their while because people will stare, so why not have fun with it. When it comes to dressing up yourself you leave no stone unturned so why deprive your phone of this pleasure. Dressing up your phone is art too, thinking and experimenting which back cover will suit it can only be told when you know what will look best on it, and you can experiment with different back covers for your mobile to keep it safe. Well, whatever way you choose to go there are some important things to take note of before you dive into the world of mobile covers and cases.

How Delicate is your Mobile?

The first and foremost thing you do when you buy mobile is checking to see how delicate actually is your mobile. With new and improved technology in today’s world, we are blessed with gorilla glass in almost each and every android, apple, etc. but the real deal is with the front of the mobile now protected with gorilla glass the back is left without any protection.

Gone are the days when mobile companies would create a mobile with hardback for their mobile. As a matter of fact to make your mobile look more delicate, attractive and classy what they have started doing is making the back of the mobile covered in a glass too. Many mobiles like iPhone X, OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy S9, Honor 10 and many more have glass backs, which in a certain way does make them look classy and stand apart in today’s competitive world but it leaves their buyers with a tension of how to protect their back of the mobiles by the correct back cover available in the market.

What used to happen before was that people used to complain about the screen of their mobiles being made so delicately that with just a single drop screen used to crack. But now with gorilla glass, that problem has been solved. So what can you do to protect your back of the mobile? Use the correct back cover which is suitable according to your own needs and day to day activities.

Oneplus 7 Back Cover

Different Types of Back Covers

In this competitive world, there are many kinds and types of mobile covers or ways to make sure that your mobile stays protected at all costs such as

  • Hard Back Covers

These are the most commonly used Mobile back covers for phones these days. Usually, they are made with high-polycarbonate material, so they are durable and sustain for a longer period of time. Mostly, bought by college students since they are available in so many prints and are very colorful and attractive at the same time. They are quite rigid, hence called hardback cover but they do give a certain kind of form to your phone. Also, not too expensive. But, make sure the website you’re choosing to buy them from gives away print guarantee so that print remains intact and doesn’t fade away or comes off in the near future.

  • Silicone Back Covers

These back covers are made with a rubber-like material, very soft and easy to touch. They can be bent in any shape. Easily available in the market and has a wide range of cute looking back covers. Some covers provide anti-shock cushion technology for protection against small and accidental drops.

  • Transparent Back Cover

If you are someone who wants to protect their phone and yet show off the complete model of your phone then a transparent cover is best for you. Usually made in a way that it can be bent into shapes, not rigid and yet protects your phone. It is also easily washable and since it’s transparent there is no hassle of any print or colors fading away with time.

  • Bumper Back Covers

There are some cases available in the market now which have an extra layer of bumper provided on the four corners of the case so that if by chance you drop your phone the corners stay safe. Corners of a phone are most likely to get cracked when dropped so these bumpers provide protection against all costs, hence if you have a super sensitive phone like an iPhone I would recommend to look for these.

  • Mobile Pouches

For someone who doesn’t keep their phone in their hands all day long and probably uses it for a minimum amount of time, mobile pouches are the way to go. They are basically available in the size of your mobile and are similar looking to zip pouches, they often come without a string but you can also look for one which has a string so you use to hang it down your shoulders when going out like a sling bag.

  • Tempered Glass

The most basic protection of them all. The tempered glass is Holy Grail to every mobile user now. Even if your mobile comes with gorilla glass you cannot take a chance on that. The best for your precious phone is to look for a tempered glass as soon as possible. They are also available in glass texture or matte texture as well, whichever way you want to go, the fact is they do provide good protection to your phone.

Above, listed are some of the famously used protective cases and covers for your smartphone. When it comes to protecting your mobile you need to check what material is the cover or case made up of and what suits your mobile better.

Dos and Don’ts

Now, that you know all about what are tips and tricks to protect your precious phone in an amazing way, you need to know about do’s and don’ts of when purchasing a back cover for your mobile.

  1. This could probably be the most common mistake that a person can do while purchasing a suitable back cover, to not pay attention to the model of the mobile while ordering the back cover. The tip to be provided is you need to look at the model right before you checkout.
  2. Another mistake people make is to buy from a non-trusted website. Before you choose to buy back cover, do check how authentic is the website, you are looking at. Look at the comments and reviews of people and then choose to proceed further.
  3. Finally, see to it that the back cover you have selected goes with your personality and gives off an attractive vibe to people around you.

When it comes to selecting a back cover for your mobile, carefully evaluate your diverse options and you can carefully go through the guide that I have created for you to make a well-informed judgment about the same.

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